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Winter Event is Live
J. Evans (Banned) 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 30th Nov 2017
The GRP winter event is now live and will run through January 2nd 2018!

Enjoy the winter atmosphere throughout the state of Georgia. All roads throughout the state have been covered in snow, the governor wishes everyone to be safe when it comes to driving. Be smart and only venture out only if it necessary, all Law Enforcement will be working overtime to deal with any motor vehicle accidents or calls for service. 

In addition snowballs can now be gathered in the environment and thrown at AI or other players. Press "E" in a snow covered area and your character will gather two snowballs. NOTE: the damage received from a snowball impact have been significantly reduced.

We hope you enjoy this years winter event and we look forward to be seeing you in game!


J. Evans, K. Parish
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