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Forum » Fulton County Test Server » Release Notes
J. Evans (Banned)
Joined: 4th Mar 2017
Rank: --
Likes 32
20th Dec 2017

New Content and Features:

  • Based upon community member feedback, numerous server sided open interiors have been added!

  • Any structure that has an open interior has a "house" icon on the map. 
  • The following interiors are accessible to players.
  • Car Show Room
  • Trevor Phillips Trailer (Dirty)
  • Heist Jewel
  • Max Renda
  • Heist Union
  • Morgue    
  • Cluckin Bell
  • Grapeseed's Farm (O'Neils)
  • FIB lobby
  • Lester's Factory
  • Lester's House
  • Life Invader lobby
  • Tunnels
  • Carwash
  • Stadium "Fame or Shame"
  • House in Banham Canyon
  • Garage in La Mesa (autoshop)
  • Hill Valley church - Grave
  • Lost's trailer park
  • Lost safehouse
  • Pillbox Hospital
  • Josh's House
  • Graffitis
  • Heist Carrier
  • Heist Yatch
  • Bunkers (Exteriors)
  • Bunkers (Interiors)
  • Bahama Mamas (Requires No-Clipping through door)
  • UFO
  • North Yankton (Prologue)
  • Arcadius Business Centre
  • Maze Bank Building
  • Lom Bank
  • Maze Bank West
  • Biker DLC - Warehouses and Garages
  • Import/Export Car Garages
  • Cargo Ship
  • GTA V Online Apartment Buildings

The Ferris Wheel maintenance has finished and is back at the Del Pero Pier.
Zancudo river once again has an active river stream.
Cassidy Creek once again has an active river stream.


  • Added a Fulton County Livery to the Fire Rescue truck.

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Last Edit: 20th Dec 2017 by J. Evans
Forum » Fulton County Test Server » Release Notes
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